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  Title Copies
Boris Johnson: The Beast of Brexit, A Study in Depravity 
Call No: 1.Wil 
Forbidden Fruit 
Year: 2011 
ISBN: 0952267152 
ISBN 13: 9780952267157 
Call No: 1.Wil 
Kinsey, the Green Woman and the Wood of Dreams 
Call No: 1.Wil 
Royal Babylon: The Case Against the Monarchy 
Year: 2016 
ISBN: 1911072005 
ISBN 13: 9781911072003 
Call No: 1.Wil 
Shelley at Oxford 
Edition: 2nd Revised edition 
Year: 2012 
ISBN: 1909214027 
ISBN 13: 9781909214026 
Call No: 1.Wil 
The Army of the Dog 
Call No: 1.Wil 
Whale Nation 
Year: 1988 
ISBN: 0224025694 
ISBN 13: 9780224025690 
Call No: 1.Wil